Grey Istanblues by Özge Ersu

0 • 9 Mayıs 2014 • Müzik • 680 GÖRÜNTÜLEME


Woke up early this mornin’
With Istanblues around my bed…
Wind and rain on my shoulders,
A rushy soul layin’ low ahead.
Said I woke up this mornin’ babe,
Under this gray Istanblues sky
Yes I woke up this mornin’,
Free from peace, joy and loose high..
Don’t you ever talk to me this mornin’,
Never tender a late excuse…
Cos’ now it ain’t no use,
Playin’ the Stormy Friday Istanblues…
Oh, I saw our faces this mornin’,
In selfie shares and endless pages.
Playin’, actin great greedy parts
On these virtual reckless stages…
Yes I chased down this mornin’,
Our long gone pale memories.
Singing a silent past story
Widda blue notes and fadin’ melodies…
Yes I stared down this mornin’
Gazin’ at Istanbul, the town of rags to riches,
Cluttered crowds of flattered faces
Rushin’ between two and a half bridges…
Just another timeless shadow play,
As we get a night and day older.
So many moons ago, babe
That our hearts grew colder…
Oh my!
It ain’t, no it ain’t no use,
Playin’ the Stormy Friday
Playin’ the gray