My Dear Friends, Listeners and Readers,

As a travel writer, I am proud to announce that for a while now, I am writing gastronomy related articles in prestigious gourmet magazine ‘Mutfak Magazin’ issued in Turkey.

Though a little bit late, I was only able to choose this beautiful Saturday morning to announce this partnership due to my heavy travel and conference schedule, alongside the publishing team’s busy agenda respectively.

Being a real control freak next to my picky personality, you may well know that I hardly ‘appreciate’ a real goodwork, and this is what the publishing team has actually done: A superior and modern design with a very high grade print quality, easily accessible in almost all major newsstands.

I am pleased to be a part of this prestigious group of selected authors involving renowned chefs, wine producers, gastronomy directors, kitchen academy, patisserie and steak chain founders, kitchen association presidents, catering company owners, consultans, specialists and further professionals in the upscale food and beverage industry.

My personal thanks go to my long time dear friend Cengizhan Kocahan, Technical Operations Manager at Ntv Broadcast Company, Editor in Chief Mr. Zafer Akkaş, Advertisement and Sales Director Mrs. Melis Erol, who especially do frequently suffer my whims, the publishing team and of course last, but not the least, my readers.

Now a couple of words concerning my content…

· I have already written ‘The Reality Behind the Ragù Alla Bolognese’ in Turkish in the eighth June – July 2017 issue, accessible via the publisher’s website.

· Based on my personal experience in my gourmet-related travels and frequent visits to various wine regions, I prepared an article on ‘Top Ten Best Wine Routes in the World’ for ninth issue of August – September 2017 which is on sale currently.

· A very detailed study awaits you in new issue of October and November, that will hit the shelves very soon: I have written a complete ‘History of Wine’ enriched with related topics. I hope you find this chronology interesting, as well.

· Now, let me finish this year with a very striking topic! I will be spending the whole month of November and a part of January 2018 in my beloved destination, Vietnam. I will be writing about the world famous ‘Vietnamese Cuisine’ including the very fresh materials they use, most importantly the gastronomic philosophy behind, including the lesser-known and irritating subject of ‘dog meat’, practiced less and less each day mostly in rural areas.

With its pleasing design, you may follow the link www.mutfakmagazin.com to read the articles in Turkish, take a glance at the complete list of authors, to meet the editors and the team, as well as to receive further notifications.

Hoping to welcome you in my future articles, I thank you for your precious comments and taking your time to read this.

With Regards, I Remain

Özge Ersu



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